Swap Pool

Secondary Market

AMM to Buy/Sell NFTs & Get Rewarded with $EZ

Users have the capability to effortlessly purchase and sell NFTs instantaneously through EZswap’s NFT Automated Market Maker (AMM). Additionally, they are enabled to establish pools using EZswap, encompassing activities such as Listing, Bidding, and Adding Liquidity. Participants are incentivized with the platform's native $EZ tokens for each interaction conducted on-chain with EZswap.

EZswap primarily focuses on sectors such as GameFi, Real-World Assets (RWA), and Utility NFTs. It is set to introduce an innovative system of Liquidity Pools (LPs), combining both NFTs and ERC-20 tokens.

Smart contract address

Ethereum: 0x6aFF0d25C7801a84241ae1537FC05B79C12c9629

Polygon: 0x4332465E5C9Ac98e91EEeeCe7989bDD0387f0cBA

Manta: 0x3d51749Cb2Db7355392100BAc202216BE7071E66

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