Sept. - Oct. 2022:

Founding Team & Preseed Fundraising (Closed)

Nov. - Dec. 2022:

Product 1.0 (Beta Test Closed) & Marketing (Focus on Business side)

Product 2.0 (Improvement Closed)

Q1 2023:

Protocol (ETH & Polygon)

Marketing (Gamefi side)

Q2 2023:

EVM Expansion (zkSync & Arbitrum)

Marketing (Art & Game)

Q3 2023:

EVM Expansion (Manta)

Product Redesign

Marketing (B2B Side)

Q4 2023:

EVM Expansion (EOS EVM)

Second Round Fundraising (Closed)

Community Building (User attraction)

New Product Release

Q1 2024

We primarily focus on completing our listings and redesigning our products, with a renewed emphasis on real-case promotions.

Q2 2024

We will continue to maintain communication with our previous gaming partners. While we promoted many collaborations last year, the development cycles of games require patience. However, in the meantime, we have expanded to multiple blockchains, contributing to the development of several ecosystems.

Q3 2024

Building on the pricing characteristics of our NFT DEX, we are actively developing the gaming assets perpetual market, aiming to address the perpetual contract trading of gaming assets. This strategy allows us to compete differentially with the spot market and maintain positive relationships with gaming entities simultaneously.

Q4 2024

We will attempt to incubate more small games, striving to increase the number of gaming projects using our platform from 5 in 2023 to 20-25 by the coming year.

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